Cantina Ogliastra s.c.a.
Via Baccasara 36, 08048 Tortolì (NU - Italy)
Cantina Ogliastra - Sardinian Wines Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Via Baccasara 36 - Tortolì (NU - Italy) Tel. +39 0782 623228

Unity of people and territory.

We are sons of
the same land.

Wines and men are the fruit of these places. Vineyards and winegrowers united to grow together.

Our story in every bottle.

The fruit of
our work.

Every bottle for us is like a child. It is the fruit of our work and our passion, of our vinegrowers and of the technicians who transform their grapes.

We are waiting for you
in the winery.

In our winery you will also find a wine shop in which to buy our wines.
These are the contact details to get in touch with us.

Welcome to the Land of Longevity.

In these lands,
men and vines live longer.

Ogliastra is the land of the centenarians, men and vines here live longer. A unique territory in which environment and identity, food and wine culture are part of its DNA. Here we grow our grapes and produce our wines.

Where Cannonau has its home.

Here the tradition
of the wine has a name.

This is a strong tradition land. Traditions have a huge symbolic meaning for us.
The wine-producing tradition has just one name here: Cannonau.

The awards for our wines.

of our territory.

Our wines are appreciated by the most demanding palates and awarded in the most important oenological events. This is an incentive for us to grow.