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Kannu Na ‘Um

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva

Obtained from an accurate selection of the best grapes originating from hundred-year-old tree stumps of Ogliastra.
The excellent demonstration of the strength and the ability of this vine are expressed in a wine of great character. It has the right structure and the typical bouquet, which characterize the Cannonau.

Grapevine: Cannonau 100%

Denomination: Cannonau di Sardegna - Designation of Origin

Designation: Still red

Type: Aged wine

Soil: Granite decaying

Training system: Centenary sapling

Density: 6000 plants/ha

Yield: 600 g/plant

Time of harvest: First decade of October

Harvest method: Manual harvest in boxes

Vinification: In a temperature-controlled steel

Fermentation: 14 days with continuous delastage and contact with the peels

Ageing: 6 months in large oak barrels plus 8 months in barrique

Tasting notes: Balsamic notes, red fruit, tobacco, licorice and caramel

Pairings: Game, important meats, aged cheeses

Serving temperature: 18° C.

Alcohol: 15% vol.

Total acidity: 5,20 g/l

Residual sugars: 3,98 g/l

Dry extract: 35 g/l

Tapping: One by one one-piece cork

Packaging: Wooden case with horizontal bottles

Quantity: 750 ml.

Kannu Na ‘Um is a word derived from the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian language and its meaning can be translated into “our tree”. The etymological basis of the word Cannonau dates back to this ancient language: kannu (sapling) + na’um (ours).
Already originally the Sardinians with Cannonau (kannu na’um) wanted to understand the vine, a precious plant linked to the historical events of the ancient peoples who inhabited Sardinia centuries and centuries ago.

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