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Rocce Rosse

Sparkling rosè wine

An exclusive rosè sparkling wine, authentic pearl derived from the sparkling Charmat process of native red grape musts.
It is persuasive and intriguing wine, brilliant and palatable. Its perlage is elegant; the nose perceives its sensations of small wood fruits.

Grapevine: Autochthonous red grapes

Denomination: Sparkling wine Charmat method

Designation: Sparkling rosè wine

Type: Brut

Soil: Granite decaying

Training system: Centenary sapling and guyot

Density: 4500 plants/ha

Yield: 1,5 Kg/plant

Harvest method: Manual harvest in boxes

Modalità di raccolta: Manuale in cassette

Vinification: Cold decantation

Fermentation: In a temperature-controlled autoclave with long fermentation

Ageing: On bottle

Tasting notes: Elegant sensations of strawberry and peach.

Pairings: Appetizers and main courses, especially with tomato based dishes. It has a wide versatility with combinations

Serving temperature: 8° C.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.

Total acidity: 6,00 g/l

Reducing sugar: 8,00 g/l

Dry extract: 23 g/l

Tapping: Mushroom cork cap

Packaging: Vertical box

Quantity: 750 ml.

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