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Cantina Ogliastra - Sardinian Wines Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
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Where the Cannonau feels at home.

Roots in history

Vine cultivation in Ogliastra and throughout Sardinia dates back to the Nuragic period.
In fact wine containers in typical Sardinian culture, the askoidi jugs, have been found in the nuragic complex of Bau Nuraxi di Triei, in the Telavé locality.
The particular morphological conditions of the territory and the consequent microclimate of Ogliastra have favored the breeding of different native vines. One out of all, however, has managed to carve out a respectable space: the Cannonau.
This grape has found its natural habitat in the Ogliastra area and over time has become the symbol of the enology of these places.

The king of sardinian grapes

Cannonau is the most widespread grape in Sardinia and is also cultivated in the rest of Europe, Spain and France above all, and known by different names.
In Ogliastra, this red-berry grape has a contained and fairly compact bunch, medium-sized berries with a thick skin. Traditionally the cultivation of this vine used the sapling as a method of planting which is ideal for allowing these grapes to grow and ripen to the fullest by exploiting the characteristics of the plant and the soil.
The grapes that the winery transforms into its flagship wine, the Kannu Na ‘Um Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva .
Today the changed production requirements have led wine growers to prefer more productive and easy to manage forms of cultivation, such as the espalier with Guyot breeding. This has optimized the breeding of the vines without compromising the quality of the grapes obtained from them.

The Black & the White

From the best strains of Cannonau still bred to sapling, among which some reach and exceed 100 years, we select the best bunches that are then processed and vinified to obtain two wines, different but complementary enological expressions of the Cannonau of Sardinia.