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Cantina Ogliastra - Sardinian Wines Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
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Unity of men and territory.

The Ogliastra winery

The Cantina Ogliastra winery was founded in 1959 as a social winery, pivotal in the area’s wine and wine making activity. Its history is indissolubly intertwined with the vicissitudes of this territory.
A corner of Sardinia that can rightly be defined as an island within an island because historically it has always been a different area from the rest of the island.

Perhaps due to the difficulty of being reached, perhaps due to the particular geological conformation (the famous Tacchi of Ogliastra are limestone-dolomite formations of Palaeozoic origin), perhaps for the environment and the people of these places, the Ogliastra has preserved traditions, cultures and all its own characteristics.
This area of ​​Sardinia is known throughout the world for being the land of Longevity , one of the so-called Blue Zones for the high number of people that touch, reach or exceed 100 years of age.

Over the years the Ogliastra winery has been able to carve out a significant space in the Sardinian wine scene, bringing to the attention of the market wines that embody the history and characteristics of this terroir.

Today the company has about 200 winegrowers , people who live and work their own vineyards that are distributed evenly throughout the territory, embracing 21 of the 23 municipalities that make up Ogliastra.
The grapes are then transferred to the modern and functional production facility in Tortolì, where the premises for the reception, sorting and processing of the grapes, the analysis laboratory, the offices and the company wine shop are located.

Our vineyards

A pristine area with hills on one side and the sea on the other.
Almost 200 hectares of vineyards lying on a territory that extends from west to east – from the hills at the foot of the Gennargentu to the valleys located near the Gulf of Orosei – and from north to south – from the coasts of the Coast Smeralda to the Salto di Quirra.

The composition of the soils of Ogliastra is variegated and passes from that of volcanic origin, in the most internal areas, up to the calcareous and basically sandy areas most close to the coast.
This means that our vineyards can enjoy different pedoclimatic conditions, giving the grapes unique characteristics that can only be found in these areas.

The most widespread cultivation method is the espalier method with Guyot breeding but still resists the traditional sapling with vine stocks that reach one hundred years of life.
The undisputed king of our vineyards is the Cannonau which has its ideal habitat here and covers most of the vineyard surface. To a much lesser extent, other native red grape varieties and some hectares of Vermentino appear.

Our wines

Sun and rain, dust and sweat, harvest and wait.
Our work brings all this with itself. A year of efforts condensed in every bottle. We clearly know the value of it and for this reason we want to produce wines that would be pride for the people working with us. They are the ambassadors of the land they were born in.